Refugees reveal the one thing they must do within eight months of resettlement

By Daniel Allott There is a lot of ignorance about America’s refugee resettlement process. During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump claimed that Syrian refugees were “pouring into” America and suggested that some might be aligned with the Islamic State. His administration has placed a temporary ban on refugees from six […]

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He’s an immigrant from Mexico. He knew he was voting for Trump ‘from day one’

By Daniel Allott In Erie County, Donald Trump received support from some unlikely voters, including Todd Sias, a Mexican immigrant. During the 2016 presidential campaign, many journalists portrayed Donald Trump’s hardline stances on immigration and criminal justice as racist and xenophobic. But Trump received more support among most minority groups […]

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Robeson County: America’s most racially diverse rural county goes for Trump

By Daniel Allott Robeson County is one of America’s most interesting places. It’s the country’s most racially diverse rural county: roughly 38 percent American Indian, 33 percent white and 25 percent black. It is also one of North Carolina’s poorest and most violent counties. That poverty is evident in the […]

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