America's most racially diverse rural county
goes for Trump

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How Donald Trump seized the mantle of hope and change

Trump turned Robeson County from blue to red with a message of economic renewal.

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Trump ate Hillary's lunch at Cracker Barrel

Both the president and the restaurant chain offer nostalgia for an older American way.

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The unsinkable Danny Britt

Meet Robeson County’s first Republican state senator since Reconstruction.

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The hurricane that divided an electorate and united a community

Robeson County was laid waste by Hurricane Matthew, but the storm also had a redemptive effect. 

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Preaching the wisdom of Reagan in the age of Trump

Rep. Robert Pittenger reminds the Freedom Caucus that it’s time for Republicans to govern.

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How Trump won America's most racially diverse rural county

Meet the Lumbee Native American Indian tribe that helped deliver victory to the GOP candidate.

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