Trump's Report Card

Over the course of The Race To 2020, Daniel and Jordan Allott will convene focus groups among the people they meet from nine key counties. These focus groups will be returned to again and again to monitor the pulse of the Trump presidency. 

In Trump’s Report Cards, focus groups participants will provide readers with insights into how Trump’s proposals and counter-proposals, the cultural fights and legislative battles are playing out in Trump’s America. 

All stories are accessible directly using the links below.

Giving President Donald Trump a grade after six months in the White House

Three crucial counties grade the president’s performance. They all have the same criticism: his Twitter account.

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Two black voters, one who voted for Trump and one who didn’t, grade the president on race

 Darryl Howard and George Martin are part of a demographic often treated as a monolithic bloc, but their views on politics, race and President Trump defy easy stereotypes.

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'I don't doubt his passion to help': Trump voters nationwide respond to his Harvey efforts

Every president must attend to natural disasters. How they do can make or break a presidency.

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Trump's 'dealing with a lunatic the only way you can' on North Korea, voters in Trump country say

Voters who supported him welcome the president’s tough rhetoric, while the rest of the world watches

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‘Should they be able to call themselves Americans?’ Trump country responds to national anthem protesters

Trump supporters from crucial counties grade the president’s response to NFL protests

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Trump country Republicans receptive to ‘bump stock’ ban

“As an outdoorsman and gun owner, I don’t want my right to bear arms affected. But something has to be done.”

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