October 11, 2017

Republican congressman: Class, not race, is the dominant struggle of our political age

Class, not race, is the dominant struggle of our political age, says Rep. Paul Mitchell, who represents Michigan’s 10th congressional district covering parts of Macomb County and the rest of Michigan’s thumb.

We recently sat down with Mitchell, a Republican, to talk about race and class, attacks on police officers and the Black Lives Matter protests, among other topics. After a career owning and running a nonprofit health school, Mitchell turned his attention to politics.

Mitchell said that the left focuses on racial struggles, but the real struggle is between “the haves and the have nots.”

“And I tell you the people who get up every day and go to work here in Macomb County, they’re tired of hearing how they owe everybody else something because they get to go to work everyday.” Mitchell says his constituents don’t want other people to go hungry or homeless but “they also want people to have the expectation that you’re going to get up and do the best you can to support your family.”

One of Mitchell’s sons is a police officer who “decided as a young kid that he wanted to become a police officer, help protect people,” Mitchell said, adding that while there are bad apples in any group, violence is never an appropriate response.

“People have asked me about BLM, and it won’t make some of your viewers happy, but I’m sorry, I come from the perspective, all lives matter. I absolutely do. I don’t care what color you are. I don’t care what religion you are. All lives matter and have value. We ought to treasure that because when we start discounting humanity, it is not a very good place to be.”

This video was originally featured as a part of the Washington Examiner’s series The Race To 2020: The people and places that will define a presidency. You can watch more videos here.

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