May 27, 2017

Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew tore up parts of the Atlantic Coast last October, triggering flash floods in three North Carolina counties that lie in the Lumber River basin. One was Robeson County.

People lived without fresh water and power for days. Roads and bridges were closed. Hundreds of buildings were completely destroyed, and even more were damaged. Thousands of people fled their homes, some to cheap motels lining the interstate, others out of the area entirely and for good.

Six months later, some schools remain closed, and hundreds of people are still holed up in those motels. And parts of the county are littered with the trash hurricanes leave behind — broken and rain-soaked sofas and armchairs, sodden items of clothing that were ruined and thrown out, but never actually disposed of.

Jordan Allott took these photos in early March, five months after the hurricane struck.

This photo gallery was originally featured as a part of the Washington Examiner’s series The Race to 2020: The people and places that will define a presidency. You can read more about Robeson County, see more photo gallery content, or use the form below to get email updates about future updates.

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